Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Launch -Free Kindle Giveaway-Switchback Stories

Sometimes a writer has to knuckle down and work on a project to the exclusion of many other things. That's what I've been doing. As a result, a new novel is taking shape. And in the meantime, my first book of stories, a collection of short fiction previously published in magazines plus a few newbies, has been published. SWITCHBACK STORIES: Tales With A Twist, is available in Kindle ebook from Amazon sites, and the paperback is from Amazon and various online retailers. THE KINDLE EBOOK IS FREE TO DOWNLOAD THIS WEEKEND SAT 12TH APRIL-SUN 13TH, PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. The stories cover a range of mystery/suspense sub-genres, and include 'Secret Day,' based on a true story and published in several magazines as well as with the Scandinavian University Press. There's also an introduction that gives a little more background. You can check it out at and amazon UK