Sunday, July 1, 2012

'Disappear,' on Amazon UK Top 100 Thrillers and Amazon France - Top 10 - English Thrillers

'Disappear,' has had strong support since its launch last week, and on Friday appeared on the Amazon UK Top 100 Kindle-Thrillers list, sneaking in at #100.

It has also appeared on Amazon France's- English ebooks- Top 10 Thrillers. So not too shabby.

Thanks to all those who have been supporting the book.

As for me, I'm currently compiling the first in a series of collections of my short suspense fiction. More about this in the near future. And plunging into the second draft of a new novel.

So no rest for the wicked. Or for me.

For 'Disappear,' on Amazon US  - find it  here  and on Amazon UK - you can find it here



  1. When the victim of a corporate scam finds himself deep in hostile Africa, his discovery of a rare-earth mineral sparks a chase for evil riches; greed and lust must be overcome to keep an arcane tribal secret from revelation.

    The catalyst is a corporate fraud. An innocent man on the run where danger of every kind lurks – and where brutal love joins a pair of fugitives in a quest to hide a shocking discovery from being exposed to corruption and greed.
    An exciting thriller with lots of twists and turns in a forbidding landscape.

  2. All the best with your novel, 'Deadly Game,' Keiron.